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Petition to review the reinstatement of the Federal Land Tax

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Review of the Federal Land Tax

Published by John Poulter on 24/03/10

Category: Tax Reform

Region: Australia

Target: Parliament of Australia and the Senate

Web site: and


To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The Petition of the undersigned shows:

That Petitioners are concerned by the lack of access to productive land due to the current Australian taxation system, which taxes both Labour and Capital to the detriment of the nation's productivity.

Furthermore the present taxation system with over 100 taxes is so cumbersome and costly to prosecute that too much productive time is lost in compliance.

That Petitioners are concerned by the ever-increasing amount of wages or profits that are being consumed in the most basic of all necessities: access to land.

Whether this access to land is for the family home or a business, the land being sought has tripled in price in the decade to 2008 (according to ABS 5204.0, Table 61). Moreover this land price does not merely reflect the value provided by public utilities. In many instances price is well above realistic value, due to the withholding of it from sale to gain a windfall price and thus an unearned income. Petitioners are further concerned that this unearned income is at the expense of Australian families who need access to land for the family home. Businesses and Farms also face the same lack of opportunity with productivity being soaked up in high land prices and thus high rents whether they be direct or indirect.

That Petitioners are concerned by the detrimental effects of lack of access to land on the ability of young families to acquire a home and nurture their families. This great Australian dream is alive and must not be allowed to disappear and fracture our society. A very simple and cost effective way to bring land back into the market place is to reinstate the Federal Land Tax.

Your Petitioners respectfully request that the Senate in Parliament:

  1. Conduct a review into the effects of Land Price on the ability of Australian families to gain access to land to build a home or purchase a house-land package.
  2. Conduct a review into the effects of Land Price on the productivities of Australian businesses.
  3. Conduct a review into the effects of Land Banking and the taking of unearned income to the detriment of Australia's productivity.

  4. Conduct a review into the reinstatement of the Federal Land Tax and the effects it would have on land access in Australia.
  5. Conduct a review into using Australian Local Government's comprehensive Land Rating data to collect a Federal Land Tax.